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Between Perspective and Balance – You Need Both to Live

Jeff Kang shares his own fundamentals on getting what
he wants in everything. 

Jeff is no extraordinary boy. He plays his sports well back in school and is currently a dragon dancer coach. His close-knit family and friends were skeptical in the beginning when he wanted to pursue his passion in fitness further, however, they respected his decision and let him grow.

Balance is a major variable in his life. In the morning, he’ll have his breakfast and have his cardio at the gym or park. After that he will head to work and continue his weight training after work.

In 2011, he started going to the gym after accepting an invitation from a pal and could not stop until today. “The adrenaline rush gives me such excitement, especially after an amazing set”.

Training is only 45 minutes per session with a few sets and then superset to end it, 5 days a week. Jeff goes for heavy weight for 10 reps, light weight for 15 reps during his workout.

“You need to keep balance and perspective on everything.” Young Jeff has always admired the physique of the lads who went up on stage every time he sees one. He then promised himself that he will be like them, one day but better.

There’s plenty of time to enjoy family, friends, and work – therefore Jeff made sure the people around him are not neglected emotionally no matter how busy he is at times. When it comes to his diet, he mostly eats clean and watches out what he is consuming because he would like to stay fit and prepared all the time during on season and off season.

Aiming to be the ultimate best, Jeff quoted, “if you just started your fitness journey, find a personal trainer who teach you the right thing and prevent injury.”

What do you need to know about Jeff :

Who do your role models and why?
Steve Cold, Bruce Lee and Arnold. I feel that they are very inspiring, dedicated and they have also influenced me to think positively. Bruce Lee is also the reason I started learning wushu.

What are the 3 words that best describe you?
Stubborn, Passionate. Friendly.

What does your typical competition’s meal plan look like?
When preparing for competition, I’ll eat clean – intake of high carbohydrate food, and cheat meal will be once per week for these 6 months.


Name :
Jeff Kang Jiah Min

Date of Birth :
10th December 1986

Profession :
Personal Trainer

Awards/Fitness Experience:
1st placing for JB Top Model 2016
2nd placing for JB Top Model 2012
2nd placing for Rome Empire Mr. Rome Manhunt 2013
2nd placing for Aruku Manmodel Hunt 2013
3rd placing for International Manhunt 2013 / 2014
3rd placing for Musclemania Asia Man Model