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KASBANI – The Kas Effect : You Should Try It Too !


Putting 110% effort when it comes to everything is how Kasbani works, all day every day.

The name Kasbani Kasmon is no stranger to the body building world in Singapore. As the pioneer who kick-started Anytime Fitness at his own hometown (Choa Chu Kang), the 28 years hunk began his tornado wellness travel, much the same as some other expert competitors – by giving his everything in regards to changing his physical make-up.

In 2009, weighing at 48kg with his 169cm stature was not his optimal figure around then. He chose to enter the bodybuilding world by joining his first expo and unexpectedly won Best Model of The Year. The relationship complication he had prior was the kickstart to significance.

Work Like You Never Work
Much the same as some other work, Kas considers his exercise important. With overwhelming 5 to 6 days seven days, he who is an ectomorph competitor rehearses clean building throughout the entire year. His workouts will be based on his daily goals and changes in accordance to preparation for competitions as well. He avoids carbs and junk foods and usually preps his own. His usual routine regiments will be chicken breast, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.

During his career years flying, he was quite restricted in seeking after his passion of helping others, which later made him quit. It was to some degree, one of the best choices he has made to date.

His principle center is to keep up his well-being and physique until maturity. “I still want people to turn their heads looking at me, even when I am 50,” he stated, giggling. His inspiration is high as can be and his soul is exceptional.

He plans to open two more branches for Anytime Fitness and to have the capacity to rouse and help other people on a bigger scale. He trusts that your body will forever change, so you need to do everything you can to maintain it.


Name : Kasbani Bin Kasmon (Que Andrea Kasbani)
Date of Birth : April 1989
Height : 170 cm
Weight : 79 kg

Profession :
– Manager at Anytime Fitness Singapore (Chua Chu Kang branch) / Entrepreneur
– NSL 2016 Pro Card recipient
– Master Personal Trainer

Awards :
Men’s Physique PRO Level
1st placing for NSL Physique Championship 2016 in Texas, Houston, USA (Men’s Physique Pro Beach Division)

Men’s Physique National Level

– Singapore Nationals Weekend 2015
– Singapore Fitness Model Search (Nationals 2015)
– Asia Fitness Model Search 2015

– Men’s Sports Model Champion (Class A)
– Men’s Sports Model Overall Champion
– Men’s Physique Champion (Class B)
– Men’s Physique Overall Champion

– Men’s Sports Model Champion
– Men’s Physique Champion (Class A)
– Men’s Physique Overall Champion

Modeling/Pageant Awards:
–  Won Mr Physique  at Best Model Of The World (Singapore) 2012
– Top 10 Finalist for Mediacorp 8 DAYS Shirtless Guy Search 2011
– Recepient for Mr “Social ButterFly” aka Mr Congeniality
– 4th placing for Mister Singapore 2010
– Top 5 Finalists for Manhunt Singapore 2010
– Top 10 Finalist for Manhunt Spore Best Abs
– 1st placing for Mr Singapore South East Asia 2010 by Tks & Sons
– NutriFirst Sponsored Athlete/Fitness Model/Spokesperson
– 7th placing for  Top Fitness Model In Indonesia 2012 (organized by REPS Magazines)