Chris Ng – FROM PASSIONATE TO PERFECT – mensphysique


Chris Ng is no ordinary boy. An avid competitor under NABBA, his family is the main reason why he is hustles hard in competition, every year. He is building up a passion-based career – bodybuilding.


Passion Pays
Chris has always been interested in sports and he is inspired, admiring the people who are fit and engaged in a healthy lifestyle. Also into calisthenics (street workout) training, he started in 2015 and wooed everyone onstage the moment he flexed his muscle and flashed his winning smile.

Although he wasn’t in luck, it didn’t stop him from training 5 to 6 hours daily. He started with the street workout and is currently doing a calisthenic workout for the last 3 years.

Chris loves working on his delts because it gave him satisfaction seeing how it looked like after a good workout session. His rest day takes place after 8 to 10 days of training unless there is an event he needed to focus on. He does not do the 5 to 6 meals a day routine as it is not suitable for him.

Health Is Wealth
For the 31 years old, other than muscles gain, working out resulted in better and healthier appearance physically. Apart from training, he tries to have a high protein, moderate fats and low carbs diet regiment as studies have shown that higher protein diet encourages muscle growth especially with weight training.

He always tells himself that all the physique competitors are more talented and have a better genetic and yet they are still working so hard to improve their body, therefore, no excuse for him to not hit his goals as well.

He worked really hard to achieve his dreams. Although with many obstacles and hardship growing up, he didn’t quit and keep moving forward.

Model Muscles
Naming Ryan Terry, Sadik Hadzovic, Terrence Teo, Sergio Constance as his idols, he admired them as they have great balance in body conditioning, aesthetics and muscle mass which is Chris’ number one goal when he started taking the industry more seriously.

The current Nabba Mortal Battle Physique Open 2016 champion is now pushing his ultimate best to qualify in international competition so that he can gain more experience and travel around the world.

Chris believes that perseverance through the tough times for all the hard work will eventually pay off in the future. So, always keep an open mind for new training ways and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.


Name :
Chris Ng Fhze Yang

Date of Birth :
8th November 1985

Height :
180 cm

Weight :
90 kg

Profession :

Awards / Fitness Experience :
– 1st placing for Nabba Mortal Battle Physique Open 2016
– 3rd placing for Muscle Mania 2015 (Physique Tall Class Category)
– 1st pacing for Nabba GrandPrix (Tall Physique Class Category)
– NabbaSG Pro athlete
– 2nd pacing of Battle of Freaks II (Above 172cm) Men’s Physique Category