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Fashion photographer and also a personal trainer, Wai Teik speaks about his latest collaboration with GX3, a renowned undergarment label from Japan. 

When Men’s Physique Malaysia heard about GX3, all we knew was the brand was originally from Japan and is working to reach out to the Singaporean target market.

Little did we know, Chan Wai Teik, a photographer extraordinaire was involved in GX3 latest project. Read more to find out the things he has to say.

About two years ago, Wai Teik first encountered the brand GX3. Fast forward to February this year, Teru, the man behind GX3, contacted him to do a photography campaign for them and he agreed instantly.

Wai Teik was delighted and honoured that Teru believed in him and allowed him to have a complete rein on the project. To Wai Teik, the most important thing to an artist is the freedom to create. GX3 allowed him to express his ideas freely, from the conceptual stage to treatment of final images.

As a commercial project, Teru was willing to spend a substantial amount of budget on photography and videography as he also wanted to create awareness of Wai Teik’s branding.

With the power of social media, he began to receive more recognition thanks to the collaborative project between GX3 and him.

Why is GX3 different from the rest?

According to Wai Teik, GX3 is of better quality and fabrication than the other available brands in the market. For example, after months of usage, the elasticity of the bands remains strong and the iron-ons also stay intact after numerous washing. The great thing about GX3 is that its designs are updated constantly. The fabrication they use allows the skin to breath, especially in our high humidity tropical climate.

Wai Teik’s aim is to reposition GX3 as a more upmarket brand and showcase its products in a more high fashion manner.

The final curated collection screams one word – “colours”, so he created a colourful, surrealistic world. After doing a lot of research on the campaign’s art direction, he came up with the title of the campaign “Color Clash”.  Wai Teik proposed the concept and treatment for the campaign.

He came up with the look and feel and lighting design. As there were three Asian male models to be photographed only in underwear, the challenge was to shoot them without looking too gay or pornographic.  So he photographed them in action, similar to wrestling poses but more high fashion. He wanted the images to suggest camaraderie and brotherhood, making final images looking homoerotic.

To complement the project, Wai Teik created four fashion films. He wanted it to be dark and film noir in style. He oversaw the entire editing process and selected the music.

The two main videos are the “teaser” and “behind-the-scene”. For the “teaser”, the video is to create a feeling of mystery and curiosity upon watching the brand’s sneak peek. As for the “behind-the-scene”, it is to briefly showcase how the photography campaign shoot was done.

Wai Teik is hinting for future collaboration with GX3 and we cannot wait to see it!

As this is his very first time working with GX3, he is glad that he is given full control from conceptual to execution. Moving forward, he would like to be involved earlier in the planning stage so that the craftsmanship of the campaign will be better.


Photography by Wai Teik
Age:  45 years old
Profession:   Fashion Photographer / Personal Trainer