The Kuwait heartthrob knew his journey won’t be boring. He always challenges himself by raising the bar a bit higher with every achievement.

The recent champion Mr. PhilAsia Physique knows his way to get what he wants. He considers himself as one of the fitness enthusiasts. His day revolves at the gym and in his kitchen, cooking up good meals. He believes a proper diet and exercise should go hand in hand.

Raising His Own Bar

“In everything you do, from the very start, the goal is imperative. Never doubt your journey, it would take time, there will be setbacks, just keep on going. Better days are yet to come.” He speaks positively when asked about his constant motivation until today.

Robb also admitted that determination and perseverance will bring you places. It is time-consuming and it’s not easy, but at the end of the day, it will all be worth it. That is why you must always find time to work out and enjoy the things that you love the most.

Knowledge is Wealth

Knowledge is a powerful tool. You are about to use wellness to eradicate illness and you have to be knowledgeable when it comes to dieting and proper workout. These thinking made Robb even more discipline now more than ever.

At the gym, Smith machine is his favorite as the gym is mostly busy when he comes in for a workout and with it, he can perform multiple exercises with no hassle. His lifestyle has benefited his followers since the early days by motivating them to become fit and live a healthy lifestyle as well. Robb wants people to stop skipping meals like breakfast when they are on a diet as it is not healthy at all and will definitely make you even more hungry.

“It’s all a misconception, and it is not doing anyone any good!” he said, slightly annoyed. Not planning to retire anytime soon, Robb aspires to be a better version of him holistically and keep moving forward in life with full of good vibes, and you’re good to go.


Name :
Robb Zderko

Date of Birth :
12th Marchl 1988

Height :
180 cm

Weight :
85 kg

Profession :
Nurse / EMT

Awards/Fitness Experience:
1st place for The Mr. PhilAsia 2015
NAC Universe Qualifier for Men’s Physique